Care for Your Clients

In a world where the internet of things (IOT) is at the tips of everyone’s fingers, at all times, customer service takes on an entire new meaning. What is one of the first things you look at when going to purchase something from an online store like Amazon, EBAY, or ETSY?


Reviews matter! When potential buyers look to buy a product or service, they look for and trust the reviews for the product/service. According to an article by Craig Bloem featured on inc.com, 84% of people trust online reviews, as much as they trust their friends[1].

Take as an example, a product or service of yours that received a bad review. Does this completely kill your product for that next person to see it? It could…. Or if you’re reaction is to offer the person behind the bad review additional support, a replacement product etc., it could create added value to you, your product, and your brand.


Constant Impressions

Of course, first impressions mean a lot… INITIALLY! Think of when you were a young child and wanted a gift “so bad.” You begged and begged your parents for months to buy you that gift. You finally got your hands on the gift, loved it for a few weeks, and then your love for it dissipated. Now this gift that was once your most loved possession, but now it is just a thing that is “kind of liked.”

This is the exact same transaction one sees a lot with consumers and companies. Except the consumer is the gift, and the company is the child. The company is begging and pleading and showing you all of the love to sell their product/service to you. Once they land the deal, they treat you well for the first couple of weeks, then forget about you. Too many businesses take their clients for granted once they have already “won you over.”

NO EXCUSES. This shouldn’t happen, especially if it is a constant service provided. Your service should only get better as time progresses as the provider gets to know how to serve you and your company best.


Final Take

Companies who take care of their clients, *usually* dominate the market out of client referrals and return buyers. Take care of your clients actively, proactively, and when needed, reactively.

[1] (Bloem, 2018), 84% of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Friends

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