Case Study: Be Careful With A “Tricky Sales Pitch”

This weekend, walking around Costco we ran into one of the vendors who is there through the weekend. As we were walking by, the salesperson said “Hey, we are showing everyone this before they leave today, come check it out.” Immediately, I understood what they were saying and wanting to have happen. A few people near us didn’t. You see the confused look on their face as they fell for the bait.


This was the door opener, this is where the salesperson gets you in tight to give you their pitch. Now it is their job to continue the process and try to make the sale. I stayed around to hear the pitch and as they started, there wasn’t a trick or gimmick (whether the product was legitimate or not, I am not sure) but they were very genuine with their pitch.


After walking away, I overheard a conversation between a couple who was there for the sales pitch. The woman said:

“That product was pretty neat, I don’t know if it was really what she said though (meaning the product being authentic and real). Did you hear what she said to get us over there? I just didn’t like how we were tricked.”

People don’t like the feeling of being tricked. If they feel tricked into getting there, they may feel like your pitch is a trick as well.


For the record, I don’t put this into the category of a “pushy sales pitch, but it made the buyers uncomfortable as they felt tricked. At the end of the day, “pushy sales pitches” will get people pressured or tricked into purchasing a product and can sometimes boost sales numbers. But at the same time, these types of pitches run a huge risk in dissuading the buyer from purchasing your product (as you just became less of a trustworthy person).


Our recommendation, Be A Good Person. Be someone who you would be happy purchasing something from and someone you would go back to a second time to purchase the product again (as long as the product is good).


Be a knowledgeable customer, learn to filter through the real and the fake.


Have a good week!

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