IT is Business Insurance

When one starts a business, the plan is to do whatever it takes to get the business up and running, then grow. This model is great when you have a product/service that is desired and easily marketed.


For this example, you are an accountant who has done really well since graduating, been promoted, know the inner-workings of the company, but have grown tired in your non-decision-making role. A friend of yours wants to start a new firm and has discussed it with you several times and now you are ready to take the leap. Blank & Blank CPA LLP is formed.


Blank & Blank CPA LLP now sets a goal of opening doors, shared decision making, growing as big as possible within the first year and adding a third partner within the first 18 months, depending on growth. The two of you each have your own work computer, rent a small space in a shopping center, open for business, clients start coming in, business is going well. The company has money coming in, hired part time help, but what is Blank & Blank LLP doing for data security and backups?


IT infrastructure is becoming more on the forefront of business mindsets but it is still a “luxury” in too many peoples’ eyes. In the age where each day, we see a story on a new company being sued or fined for a lack of IT infrastructure and a lack of protecting their client’s data, IT Infrastructure is no longer a “luxury” rather a necessity. A Managed Service Provider (MSP), can provide great reward for small and midsize businesses as they can offer a full team of IT professionals for a fraction of the price of just one IT Professional.


How is this business insurance?

  1. The security measures put in place are undoubtedly far superior to the system firewall and system settings you are using on your personal computer.
  2. The data backup systems put in place will be far superior to the extra hard drive or the flash drive currently being used.
  3. Not to mention, a good MSP will provide multiple backup points for increased redundancy.
  4. Just as CPA’s are hired to file taxes and give accounting advice, IT professionals are hired to ensure security, data recovery and efficiency.
  5. When and if something bad happens to the software, hardware or the building itself, a good MSP will have you back on your feet with the least amount of data loss as possible. IT is business insurance.

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