Partners Are Assets, Clients Are Liabilities

Why is developing a partner more valuable than adding a client? Not in a sense of bringing someone on board and making them a partner in your law or accounting firm, but in treating a client as a partner, rather than, well…… a client. Ask yourself this question, take a minute or two to think of how you see the pros and cons for each within your business structure then continue reading our thoughts on the topic.


Initial Thoughts of Partners vs. Clients


Partners VS Clients
·      Ownership, Empowerment VS ·      Someone else’s business, not my problem
·      Eye to Eye VS ·      Not on the same level (hierarchy)
·      How can we further help business? VS ·      As long as they pay on time
·      Trust & Independence VS ·      Lack of Trust & Independence
·      Developed Relationship VS ·      Very little relationship outside of “need”


These are some of the first thoughts that come into our minds when we are talking about our business and the businesses we approach as potential partners. Our business model is providing a service (Outsourced IT) to our partner companies and we try to go above and beyond in doing so. If we can help in any way to further production, efficiency, or even help bring in more business for our partners, we try our hardest. In the end, it will only build a stronger relationship with our partners. Not every organization is able to do this, I understand that.


The better you are to your partners, doesn’t always mean the better they are to you. Think of any fast food chain you have ever been to. “The customer is always right.” Even with this customer is yelling and screaming at the poor guy/girl running the register when the ice cream machine is broken at McDonalds. You can’t control what others will say or do. The only thing you can control is your actions and those of your company (some of the time).


Do your best to develop these strong relationships with your partners, not only will it make you feel better and prouder of your product or service, but it may turn into better business from them down the road. Whether it is in referrals or further continued business. Maybe the most important take away is to not expect anything in return.


  1. Work hard to develop a strong partnership with your clients
  2. Don’t expect anything in return


Take some time this week to see how you and your organization can become more active partners in your client relationships. If you already work towards this goal, great! Keep working but stay on your toes for better ways to build these relationships!

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