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Instead of a full case study or a blog this week, we wanted to leave our readers with some food for thought. Something to think about during this week. See how it affects your day, week, month, etc.

Rather than mentioning something cheesy and cliché, we want to leave you with something that any employee, manager, executive, owner, etc. has probably heard before, but doesn’t think of on a regular basis.


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out 
-Robert Collier


Think of the beginning of a good day. Wake up, complete your morning routine to perfection, everything goes smooth. Now think of the beginning of a bad day. Wake up late, morning routine is a mess, everything is a struggle. On one hand, we have a successful morning and the other we have an unsuccessful morning. Either morning was dependent upon several little things developing into the entire morning.

Or look at it like saving money. If one is to put away a dollar a day (small amount of money), every day for the next 3 years, the amount of money grows to over $1,000. Most people would love an additional $1,000 in the bank at any given time.

Now take this quote and put it into your own life. What are some of the small things that you do on a daily basis that has led to success? What are some little things that you could change to provide greater future success?

Success is attainable. Focus on doing the little things well (consistently) and they will turn into big things (success). 


Now go have a great week!


Team Clutch

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