Quote of the Monday 5.21.2018

We’re all somebody’s prospect; we’re all somebody’s customer.

-Chris Murray


Quick thought of the day. If you are in the business of providing a product or service, everyone contacting you for their product or service is very similar to you. Next time you receive a sales call or email, before you respond, think about how you want to others to respond to you.


Quick Detour

The sales industry can be glamorous but also debilitating. The sales life is a direct result of the demand for the particular product or service in the market as well. If your product is in high demand, sales people are riding high. Inversely, if the demand is low (or buyers don’t realize the need), sales people are riding low. Think of the sales cycle like a roller coaster, everything is new and exciting as you’re riding to the top (sales are good) and everything is scary and anxiety driven as you are headed downhill (sales are struggling). The key is to remain as mentally stable as possible. Try not to ride the highs and lows of sales emotionally, rather stay level headed and constant in preparation.


Back on Topic

“Treat others how you wish to be treated.” Don’t be scared to give the sales person calling or emailing the time of day to let you know what they have and how it can help you. You never know how their product could be better than what you use currently or (if it is a new product or service) how it could positively impact the way you do business. Don’t assume it is too expensive until you analyze and understand the value and value-added process.


Good luck this week and again, don’t be scared to give the sales person the time of day. Remember, “we’re all somebody’s prospect, we’re all somebody’s customer.”

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