Quote of the Monday

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”


Historically, this quote has been passed around and credited to the likes of Tony Robbins, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Mark Twain. Most of the time when people mention these words, they reference a need for change or a call for action.

But let’s not take the side of the pessimist. Take time out of the day, each day this week and try to see the good in the process of how you have been doing things. Reverse engineer certain processes, certain attitudes and efforts. Don’t be too focused on the flaws, but understand the position you’re in. This position might be due to hard work, sacrifices, and a will to never give up. Ask yourself “what are some of the decisions I have made that have resulted in my career path and my current position?”

It is easy to see the negative aspects as they seem to “stick.” It’s spread all over our culture. From TV shows and movies, translated into the relationships we see on an everyday basis. Parents are always shown complaining about work and “what so and so said or did or didn’t do.” Break the negative chain this week and insert the positives. Talk about the aspects of your job you love, what led you to love this career, the positive things people in your company do. Change the culture one by one.

I truly believe that a company or organization can only be as strong as its weakest link. If the weakest link is continually berating themselves with negatives, he/she won’t be as productive as they want to be or can be. This could be a co-worker, someone you supervise or even someone that supervises you! Shed some light, shed some positivity around the office and watch the culture shift.

If someone does something incorrect, practice constructive criticism, go back to the basics. “Jake, this isn’t correct. Tell me what your thought process was on this project?” and proceed to help Jake figure out where he went wrong, and how he can fix it in the future. If the opportunity to give praise on a piece of the puzzle is there, give it! If it is not, don’t let the conversation turn negative. (Now there is a fine line if Jake continually can’t do the job. Jake might need to find a different position within the company or you need to re-evaluate your training methods and hiring practices.)

Short and simple this week. Focus on the positives of the decisions you have made, to put you in the position you’re in. Change your internal culture and allow it be contagious.

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