The Importance of Company First Impressions

First impressions are always key. No matter who you are, it is hard not to take first impressions into account after meeting someone new and even into the next few meetings with that person. Naturally, we use the information we are given to make decisions and in meeting new people, these decisions are opinions of the person. Below are some quick tips for both management and colleagues.


Management Tip #1

Treat the new hires as equals, not like they have to prove themselves first. The last thing a company wants when onboarding a new hire is for them to think they are less. New hires are already entering a new environment, new organization, and aren’t used to the way things are run. Don’t make them jump through additional hoops.

Colleague Tip #1

Help the right amount. Help guide the new employee with the processes and activities of the daily routine of the company. But, don’t take advantage of this situation. Sooner or later, the new hire will know what you chose to say/not say, and whether you had a helpful or deceiving agenda.


Management Tip #2

Prepare them for what they need to know now, but don’t jump ahead. Allow them to learn and build upon that foundation. A house is built from the ground up. Humans crawl, walk, run. Take the proper steps.

Colleague Tip #2

Don’t try to tell the new hire “gossip.” Let them come to their own opinions about people and the company structure on their own.


Management Tip #3

Encourage questions, be there for the answers. Good leaders are the best mentors in the company.

Colleague Tip #3

Be kind. Be courteous. Understand the big picture.

“The company is only as strong as its weakest link.”

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